KnowledgeCharts™ Terms of Use

Here is what we expect when you use the KnowledgeCharts™ website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you may not use any KnowledgeCharts™ website.

You agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations, including local laws where you live. You understand that your unauthorized use of the KnowledgeCharts™ website may be sufficient reason for us to close your account, may lead to claims for damages, and may be a criminal offense. You understand that the materials, design, look, layout, appearance, graphics, computer code, and programming instructions contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law, and agree to abide by the provisions of those laws.

KnowledgeCharts LLC gives you permission to view and use all chart and table images, software, and other content provided under your account level on the KnowledgeCharts™ website for personal or commercial use. We are giving you a license. We are not transferring a title to you. Although the website will allow you to see limited amounts of data for the purpose of studying, auditing and informing yourself and others about the details of the charts, we are not giving you permission to use the website to download large amounts of data. Your subscription to the KnowledgeCharts™ website does not include access to the underlying data.

Here is what you may do with your license. If you violate any part of the license, it terminates automatically. We reserve the right to change or replace the license at any time.

You may

- Use and copy the images of charts and tables for presentations to clients, to internal teams, to prospective clients, at conventions or similar controlled-access events, and in publications.

- Share with anyone the images through the sharing tools provided at the KnowledgeCharts™ website.

- Display small numbers of charts on other servers after receiving written authorization from us.

- Contact us to discuss using chart and table images from the KnowledgeCharts™ website for other purposes and in other situations.

You may not

- Modify, decompile or reverse engineer any chart and table images, content, or software contained on the KnowledgeCharts™ website.

- Display large numbers of charts on other servers.

- Display any table or map image from the KnowledgeCharts™ website on other servers.

- Remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the images, materials, or software.

- Re-sell the charts and table images, content or software.

- Operate a business for which you receive compensation for providing access to charts at

- Share your account or password with other users, or use a group access email address for your KnowledgeCharts™ account.

While we try very hard to ensure that the data, charts, and supporting details are accurate, errors happen. We cannot guarantee that any of the materials on the KnowledgeCharts™ website are accurate or complete. We cannot guarantee that data will be posted by a specific time, and we cannot guarantee that the charts will be suitable for your purpose. It is likely that we will make changes to the data, charts, features, photographs and all other parts of the website. Although we try very hard to inform users and to avoid inconveniencing them, we may make changes at any time. We do not guarantee, endorse, or make representation about websites and materials to which the KnowledgeCharts™ website links, or websites which link to KnowledgeCharts™. You use these links at your own risk. We are not responsible for what you might do with the data, even if your use of the data infringes on the rights or intellectual property of others. Such use is a violation of this agreement.

KnowledgeCharts™ or its contractors or suppliers cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that arise from using the KnowledgeCharts™ website, and they cannot be held liable for damages of any kind in the event that the KnowledgeCharts™ website is unavailable. This remains in effect even if you notify KnowledgeCharts™ or a KnowledgeCharts™ authorized representative orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.

KnowledgeCharts LLC may revise these terms at any time without notice. You agree to be bound by the then current version of these terms. Any claim relating to the KnowledgeCharts™ website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

The failure of KnowledgeCharts LLC to enforce or exercise any provision of these terms is not a waiver of the provision. If a court invalidates any part of these terms, you agree that the court shall endeavor to give effect to the intentions of the terms and you agree that all other parts of the terms shall remain in effect.

KnowledgeCharts LLC

KnowledgeCharts™ Data and Privacy Practices

KnowledgeCharts collects your first and last name, and email address to individually identify each account holder. If you have used Paypal to make a purchase, your payment data is handled by Paypal rather than KnowledgeCharts. KnowledgeCharts does collect user activity data of pages viewed and data accessed. KnowledgeCharts does not disclose any of it's client data to third parties.

KnowledgeCharts takes all reasonable precautions to protect your data. In the event that ownership of KnowledgeCharts is transferred to another party, all rights to and ownership of the data collected as described here will also be transferred to that party.

If you have decided to discontiue use of KnowledgeCharts, you are welcome to have your account deleted. Simply send us an email or call by phone and we will promptly take care of it for you.

KnowledgeCharts LLC